Many of us fear or dread a visit to the dentist and it’s not unusual to be nervous before the first visit. Many patients wait until they have severe dental pain before attending to the dentist and some of the causes for anxiety could be due to bad past experiences, the feeling of loss of control or vulnerability of being close to someone you don’t know.

Here at WhiteStar Dental Practice we ensure you are cared for throughout your whole appointment so that your experience with us is as relaxed as possible. We provide modern and comfortable surroundings and a calm atmosphere and we will always be available to listen and understand your needs or concerns.

Our friendly and helpful dental team are trained to make sure you are advised of every step we take and we can even help you to be in control at any time throughout any dental treatment that is required.

We will always provide you with a full explanation of our dental procedures and offer you any preferred therapy or oral/intravenous sedation if necessary. You can feel rest assured that we will always practice preventative dentistry in a safe, clean environment that meets all the necessary health and safety requirements.

Here’s what some of our nervous patients have said about their visit

“Referring to my new bridge, I am willing to let you know that I am pleased with the result. The preparation before the bridge was fitted, although thorough was not at all distressing and certainly not painful.”

“Today’s appointment at the dentist was brilliant. Even though I had my tooth out which for some, could have been a lot of pain, the dentist made me feel very much at ease! Well done!”

“My son has had his first filling done by Dr Shah recently and although he was very nervous (he’s 11 years old), Dr Shah was very patient. My son left the surgery feeling reassured and promised Dr Shah that he would follow his advice and cut down on sweets and brush his teeth more regularly. Which to my surprise, he has been doing! Overall I would recommend the WhiteStar Dental Practice to anyone.”

“I must confess I have suffered from a fear of dentists for many years due to a bad experience in my childhood. I was recommended to WhiteStar Dental by a trusted friend. He said “The service was quick, efficient and very professional”. He was right. It is impressive. It is nice not to hear “You’re a big strong man – be brave”. I feel both the dentist and the hygienist empathetic and have helped me overcome my fear of the “dreaded chair”! They have cured my dental problem with a Smile. Soon I will have a gleaming smile too.”

“I first went to see Dr Joshi in 2004. I prepared her for the fact that I was the worst nightmare for a dentist, absolutely terrified of anything to do with the profession and waited for her withdrawal to rectify my toothache of 2 weeks. In going along for my appointment with the usual sleepless night, stomach churning and absolute fear syndrome I managed to persuade myself to enter the premises. The receptionist talked to me about various non-dental issues. In the chair the nurse made me feel comfortable and Dr Joshi did not commence treatment without informing me and offered that I could stop when required. After a few weeks of solid treatment I was referred to the hygienist (another inflictor of pain as far as I was concerned). I couldn’t have been more wrong. She is so caring and sympathetic. 3 years on with completed root treatment, crowns and a bridge I can honestly say that this team restored my faith in the dental system and at no time made me feel inadequate about my fears.”

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