Whitestar Private Dental Payment Plans from just £12.99 a month



1. Regular dental appointments (two per year) to provide :-

  • Comprehensive dental health assessment.
  • Check for signs of mouth cancer.
  • Routine radiographs where clinically necessary.

2. Regular hygiene appointments (two per year) to provide :-

  • Gum disinfection
  • Bespoke gum maintenance advice
  • Smoking cessation advice
  • Preventative techniques to reduce decay and gum disease.

3. Monthly direct debit or annual payment.

Membership Benefits

  1. Priority Appointments – morning, evening and weekend.
  2. FREE antibiotics where clinically necessary.
  3. FREE radiographs where clinically necessary.
  4. FREE assessment for dental pain / emergencies – seen same day – only pay for treatment.
  5. FREE Health screening and cut your risks from major diseases e.g. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure.
  6. FREE Dental / Accident / Emergency Insurance when away from the practice.
  7. FREE mouth cancer insurance.
  8. FREE redundancy personal plan cover for 12months.
  9. FREE 15 mins consultation for Whitening / Cosmetic treatment.
  10. Complimentary referral to specialists.
  11. Exclusive special offers.
  12. Budget for your dental care from 46 pence per day (price of a newspaper).
  13. All treatment planning for your future dental needs.


  1. Comfort – through fewer fillings etc. less decay, less likelihood of toothache.
  2. Confidence and Self Esteem increased due to more attractive teeth and better job /dating prospects.
  3. More choice (don’t just lose teeth).
  4. Peace of mind – fixed monthly payments and cover when away.
  5. Reduced costs (50% upwards – save money).
  6. Improved Good Health overall.
  7. Saves time (we do most of the admin work for you).
  8. Keep your teeth for life.